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Clinical decision making – Part 1: framing the problem of making better decisions

In the first of a series looking at the interpretation of patient presentations and using clinical understanding to optimise patient management, Dr Michael Johnson introduces the concept of clinical d...

Visual fields – 1 Defects caused by neurological disease

In the first in a series looking at visual fields and their clinical relevance, Geoff Roberson describes the visual pathway and explains how an understanding of its anatomy allows the interpretation o...

Binocular vision interactive

Bill Harvey introduces the first in a series of interactive exercises aimed at supporting our ongoing series looking at the assessment of binocular vision (C72234, one interactive CET point suitable f...

Binocular vision Part 3 – the cover test

Dr Fergal Ennis continues our series on the assessment of binocular status with a detailed look at the cover test (C72208, suitable for one distance learning CET point for optometrists and dispensing ...

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