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Developments in electronic low vision aids

In the third article in this series, Bill Harvey focuses on electronic reader devices and software and their adaptability for those requiring vision support and then describes some of the ever-growing...

A day in the life of a Covid assessor and vaccinator

Our series looking at the range of extended roles played by eye care professionals, Dr Scott Mackie describes his experience of delivering vaccines...

Presbyopia: The short journey to contact lens success

Dr Cristina Schnider and David Ruston describe the presbyopic journey and explain why this represents such an important opportunity for the contact lens practitioner to help them (C78111, one distance...

Axial length: An important parameter

Professor Edward Mallen explains the concept of axial length and why a good understanding of this measurement is increasingly being seen as essential for effective myopia management (C78049, one dista...

Fundamentals of ophthalmic dispensing – part 17

In this third article on visual task analysis Peter Black and Tina Arbon Black look at dispensing solutions to the visual problems in the real world of work, home and leisure activities, concentrating...

Is colour vision relevant to optometric practice?

In a companion article to her review of the impact of contrast sensitivity on everyday life (Optician 12.03.21), Cirta Tooth discusses reasons why colour vision testing can play an important role in d...

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