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An ‘eye’ on psychiatry – part 2

In the second of a two part look at the links between optometry and psychiatry, Dr Doina Gherghel describes how the treatment of psychiatric diseases can have ocular and visual impact. ...

Retinal screening for dementia

Dr Douglas Clarkson looks at how developments in medical screening techniques are showing promise in the identification and monitoring of central nervous system degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer...

Myopia control studies 3: What is important and why? - Part 2

Continuing her discussion of research into myopia control, Dr Kathy Dumbleton describes the design of clinical studies and how clinical research relating to myopia control is evaluated...

An ‘eye’ on psychiatry - part 1: Ocular disorders associated with psychological or psychiatric disorders

In the first of a two part look at the links between optometry and psychiatry, Dr Doina Gherghel describes how eye diseases and their treatments can have psychological or psychiatric impact. ...

Diabetes – part 2: The single common grading pathway, grading overview and non-sight threatening disease

Continuing our series on diabetic retinopathy, Peter Mitchell offers an overview of the Grading Scheme used in English National Diabetic Eye Screening Programme and discusses the management of non-sig...

Measuring near stereopsis.

Dr Kathleen Vancleef and Professor Jenny Read discuss stereopsis and how it is best assessed clinically...

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