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TFOS Dry Eye Workshop II – part two

In the second of a three-part discussion of the key points from the recently published second TFOS Dry Eye Workshop, Sarah Farrant describes the recommendations for the assessment of dry eye disease...

Robotics in ophthalmic surgery

In the latest of his occasional updates about the latest developments in eye health care, Dr Douglas Clarkson describes recent advances in ophthalmic surgery employing robotic technology...

Viral keratitis: causes and consequences

Professor Fiona L Henriquez continues the series about microbial keratitis with a discussion of viral disease...

The concern about myopia prevalence and progression

Professor Desmond Fonn starts our series on myopia and therapy with a review of the nature of myopia and its current and projected impact...

Essentials of cardiovascular health for eye care practitioners

Dr Catherine Williams describes the nature of the cardiovascular system, how health is assessed and what common diseases affect it...

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